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    Improve your diving skills further by choosing from a wide range of PADI Specialty courses, each one designed to challenge skills and excite you. Each course ranges from 2 to 4 dives and you will receive a new certification card. If...
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    In Addition to our newly remodelled onsite hotel, Blue Marlin has also partnered with our sister resorts, Kelapa Luxury Villas and Kelapa Kecil. Each offers unique features to suit a wide variety of travellers requirements and can b...
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    Blue Marlin Tech is a division of Blue Marlin Dive, which is dedicated to providing quality technical diver training, daily technical dive charters, as well as technical expeditions to all corners of Indonesia. Our aim is not only t...
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Blue Marlin is a founding member of the Gili island dive association (GIDA).
This non-profit organization was set up to promote environmentally aware business attitudes, a co-operative operational structure and a high standard of safety around Gili Trawangan.

Only a select few dive centres in Gili Trawangan an are members of GIDA, look for the logo proudly displayed on premises.

Dive Guidelines

c_171_171_16777215_00_images_dg.jpgIt is important to be a safe and responsible diver while enjoying the underwater environment. At Blue Marlin we take pride in our adherence to international safe diving standards and small group sizes.  Each dive is lead by a trained professional who will give your group thorough briefings about the dive site, the maximum depth, maximum bottom time and minimum air supply to terminate the dive. Your Divemaster will also review basic hand signals and discuss any marine life you may encounter.

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Fun Diving

c_171_171_16777215_00_images_FunDuve.jpgOur dive boats go out three times per day; at 9:00, 11:30 and 14:30 (except Fridays when we dive at 9:00 and 14:00). Each trip is a single-dive trip as most dive sites are within 10-15 minutes from the dive centre. All dives are drift dives, so the boat will pick you up where you surface with your Divemaster.

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Dive Sites

c_171_171_16777215_00_images_BMD-dive-site.jpgHere you will find a description of the dive sites around the beautiful Gili Islands, off of the coast of North Lombok. Every dive site has its own characteristics, specific topography and wildlife. Many of these dive sites are perfect for first timers although there are plenty of opportunities for advanced divers to challenge themselves.

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PADI Courses

c_171_171_16777215_00_images_courses.jpgProviding all levels of PADI training from introduction dives to Instructor courses, the highly qualified and professional team at Blue Marlin can address all your needs. We teach courses in: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Danish, German and Bahasa Indonesia. Please let us know ahead of time if you have a non-english language need, we stock PADI materials in even more languages so you can comfortably learn important dive theory.

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