• dive-boat-fleet
    In Addition to our newly remodelled onsite hotel, Blue Marlin has also partnered with our sister resorts, Kelapa Luxury Villas and Kelapa Kecil. Each offers unique features to suit a wide variety of travellers requirements and can b...
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  • tec-divers
    Blue Marlin Tech is a division of Blue Marlin Dive, which is dedicated to providing quality technical diver training, daily technical dive charters, as well as technical expeditions to all corners of Indonesia. Our aim is not only t...
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  • blue marlin dive and beach bar
    Not only does Blue Marlin offer impeccable diving, it's also the place to enjoy fantastic food, refreshing drinks and a great atmosphere in our signature restaurant and bar. Take a seat on the picturesque beachfront terrace with the...
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Check out photos of Blue Marlin around the beautiful Gili Islands. Be sure to click 'read more' to see the full galleries.


ChrisandLouise SweetSpotJJ-CCR IARTpool TunangBackJJ

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Magic Pier

CoconutOctopusinaJar FrogfishBlueMarlinDive SeahorseGiliTrawangan NudiBudi

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Open Water Courses

BlueMarlinClassroom GiliDivers Divingallages Divingisforeveryone

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Japanese Wreck

c_171_171_16777215_00_images_gallery_japanese-wreak_side-mount_resize.jpg c_171_171_16777215_00_images_gallery_japanese-wreak_pano_japanese_resize.jpg c_171_171_16777215_00_images_gallery_japanese-wreak_martin5_resize.jpg c_171_171_16777215_00_images_gallery_japanese-wreak_japanese_wreck_otherside_resize.jpg

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Aquatic Animals

Lionfish SquidbyAri boxfish manta

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Tech Diving

Raf-at-55m-(2) Emma  AriandWill tectanks

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The Island

BlueMarlinBoatSunrise  GiliBeachBike Gilicidomo GiliPublicTransport

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Biorockcuttlefish  BiorockMaintainance FrogfishonBiorock DiverandBiorock

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