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The World’s Most Popular Scuba Course

THE PADI OPEN WATER COURSE is the entry level scuba course, accessible to everyone. The world’s most popular scuba diving course has introduced millions of people to the underwater world and certifies divers for a lifetime of scuba diving. Over 3 days, your instructor will introduce you to the physics, equipment, environment and joy of diving. With a combination of diving theory, pool practice and four open water dives, you’ll be a regular “Scuba Steve/Sue” in no time! We specialise in flexible schedules, thorough instruction and small classes. E-learning is available.

The best way to observe a fish is to become a fish. Jacques Cousteau

Open Water Course

What’s Included?


In addition to pool sessions, explore Indonesia’s famed ‘Coral Triangle’, known for its spectacular diversity.


Dive with confidence in excellently maintained rental equipment. We are a proud Aqualung Partner Centre.


A rental Suunto Zoop is supplied in order to learn how to dive with technology normally encountered in the diving world.

Getting ready to go diving


Your course includes a digital copy of the Open Water Course Manual as well as a Blue Marlin Dive logbook.


Learn from the best. Blue Marlin’s team of award-winning instructors teach all courses in multiple languages.


You will be entered into the global PADI database with a lifetime certification qualifying you to dive up to 18m across the world.


What Should You Expect?

Students go over theory on the beach.

After completing the requisite paperwork, you’ll begin your classroom theory with a series of short videos and exercises from your Open Water Diver training manual. Your instructor will go over 5 different lessons, each tackling different aspects of diving – equipment, physics, emergency procedures, environmental considerations and more. The theory culminates in a 50 question multiple choice exam. Don’t worry! If you’ve been listening to your instructor, it should be easy!


Head to our training pool and begin to get acquainted with the diving equipment as you learn how to set up and take apart your dive equipment. Once in the pool, you’ll learn valuable skills in a safe training environment, forming the basis of the open water training. Your pool session will help master basic skills, emergency backup plans and buoyancy techniques. Practice in the pool to work out any difficulties until you feel comfortable performing the skills 10 metres underwater in the ocean!


You’ll complete four open water dives to depths no greater than 18 metres. During these dives, you’ll repeat the skills you have learned in the pool and add new skills to your repertoire. Over these dives, practice emergency skills, planning your dive, honing your buoyancy and navigation techniques. Most importantly, you’ll explore and marvel at the magic of the underwater world as you swim with creatures of the sea.

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