The Rescue Course at Blue Marlin Dive

After finishing the Advanced Open Water course, the next step in the PADI qualification ladder is the Rescue Course. This course teaches you self-saving techniques, how to deal with panicked divers, how to deal with tired divers and how to deal with unconscious divers. The course gives you a real sense of responsibility and confidence.

You begin with the DVD and first few chapters in the manual, then jump straight into the pool and start basic rescue skills such as cramp removal on yourself and on others, as well as tired diver tows. You then learn to deal with panicked divers on the surface, and this is where the course becomes very active and fun. Someone will be pretending to panic and drowning whilst you have to react as quickly as possible with a solution to the problem. Once you have been taught this successfully, don’t find it strange if people miraculously start drowning and panicking in the pool and off the boat!

Also in the course, you will be taught search and rescue skills, different search patterns, how to use lift bags and how to deal with unconscious divers underwater and at the surface. Here you learn how to bring divers that are underwater, to the surface and begin to give rescue breaths whilst also taking off the victim’s gear and your own.

Learning to deal with panic underwater is probably the most fun you can have on a dive. There will be divers along with you on the dive that will act out different situations underwater that you will have to deal with. This can range from; fins falling off, losing their mask, being out of air, entanglement, simulation of out of control ascent and other gear malfunctions. The instructor at this point will be in tears from laughter from the situations these divers get themselves into.

At the end of this course, you will have a new found confidence in your diving abilities and will have had an amazing time around some hilarious people that will make your course unforgettable!

Come join us and start your Rescue course today!

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