This One Goes Out To The Boat Crew: Awww Yeah. #SquadGoals

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Can we drop the lights down just a bit? Get some slow jams on? Let’s sit back and relax because I’m gonna get reaaalll serious for a moment.


This post is going out to all of my boat crew and captains throughout Blue Marlin.


Taking zero of the credit while ensuring the day runs smoothly, peppering the day with jokes and smiles.


Those who tirelessly start their day before the first instructor has woke up and get home only after you and your divemaster have finished your sunset drinks.

teddypendergrassYour fearless captain who ensures that you have the perfect drop-in spot.

jamesbrownThat crew member who is standing Forrest Gump’s ‘Lieutenant Dan in the eye of a hurricane’ style as he keeps a look out for floating debris during windy season.

algreenThe boys who pull up all of your gear (including those 8 kilo weight pockets) with their big strong arms. You love them and they’ve seen you and they know you. They’re the boooaaatttt creeewwwww. barrywhite

That’s right. We spend a lot of time thanking our instructors and divemasters, but we’re going to pour this one out for the essential ingredient that is the boat crew. The fact that you may not even recognise how hard they work is is a sign of a job well done. These guys fulfil a host of jobs around the boat and without them, we would be as lost as Justin Bieber trying to navigate the adult world.

The boat crews have very physical jobs, which also come with a high degree of liability.  Whether it’s the captain, mate or crew, they shift from talent to talent in a moments’ notice.  For instance, just take a look at their daily schedule:

  • Mechanic – fueling, checking oil, checking bilges, prepping waste system, filling water coolers, tying the lines for loading
  • Greeter – assisting and welcoming passengers on board, introductions
  • Equipment Specialist – setting up gear, replacing O-Rings, converting DINs to Yoke, repairing equipment
  • Jack –anchoring or mooring to a site
  • Lookout – assisting into the water, monitoring boat traffic, monitoring other divers, spotting divers as they surface, keeping an eye on the weather conditions
  • Enforcer – correcting problematic behaviour
  • Server – offering beverages, serving fruit and cookies and lunch
  • Custodian – cleaning up when someone has had motion sickness on the deck or in the head
  • Cheerleader/ Comedian – keeping the passengers happy and enjoying their dive trip – even when conditions are lousy!
  • Deck Hand – ladders up and down, tying up at the dock for unloading, cleaning up, rinsing/washing entire boat

Not only are they responsible for all of the above, but they also add an important element to the boat: Don’t try to tell us that Abdul and Rolis haven’t made you laugh in Komodo or Herman hasn’t proved his talents by being a walking & talking GPS in Gili Trawangan. We are incredibly lucky to have such a talented team working with us. So move over Taylor Swift, there’s a new squad in town. Here’s a list of 10 reasons Blue Marlin’s Boat Crews are #SquadGoals.

  1. It’s basically 2 tickets to the gun show on a regular basis.
  2. But they’re not just the strong, silent type! They also love to serenade everyone and have quite a sensitive side.12642870_1708274666054797_2916140948374695740_n
  3. They’re like Sting: Always watching you. And that’s a good thing in current.IMG_9086
  4. They’ve got jokes for days!
  5. They’ve always got your back. Literally.
  6. Do you regularly post about how much you love your job?Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.40.57
  7. Many of them are actually bada** divers!
  8. They stay fly.
  9. Just so many ninja moves.
  10. They’ve always got a smile for you!


Yes, it’s true. These guys are awesome and often don’t get the credit they deserve. So next time you are on the boat, make sure to extend them a big ‘Thank You’ or a tip. They’ve had a big hand in making your day so special, it certainly doesn’t hurt to return the favour.





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