Guided Tech Dives

NUMEROUS DIVE SITES teeming with abundant biodiversity IN DEEPER WATERS

The 25 dive sites visited by recreational divers have been joined in the last few years by at least the same number of dive sites in deeper water. The vast majority of these dive sites are within a fifteen minutes boat ride from our beach. You are welcome to join on our daily recreational trips for guided tech diving or on our dedicated tech boat, Virginia, that visits tech-only locations. We customise our technical dives to meet your needs and interests, and there will be no large mixed ability groups. Divers will be given the opportunity to enjoy their diving and develop at a level which is comfortable for them. We provide experienced open or closed circuit CCR guides and a private, spacious boat to travel and prepare on.

Guided Technical Dive
(Open or Closed circuit)

Guided Technical Dives

IDR 1,000,000 0-45m
IDR 1,200,000 45-60m
IDR 1,500,000 60-80m
IDR 2,000,000 80-100m
IDR 2,100,000 120-129m
IDR 2,250,000 130-139m
IDR 2,400,000 140-150m
*10% off for IDC & DMT *200k/dive Tech wing and regs *50k/dive Deco regs and rigging *150k/dive Shearwater tech computer *IDC & DMT gas price – 50k/tank nitrox <40%, 150k/tank 80% *IDC & DMT Equipment Rental – 50% off and price per day (not per dive)

Open or Closed Circuit Technical Dives
Appropiate qualification - Ask our staff if in doubt

Sidemount Equipment Rental 150,000 IDR per dive (SM Harness and stage)

Equipment rental:
250,000 IDR per dive (Twins and stage)
300,000 IDR per dive (Twins and 2 stages)
Shearwater Petrel rental 150,000 IDR per dive
See Gas Costs for technical dives on the Price Sheet for Bail Out Mixes, Travel & Deco
Helium 2,100 IDR per litre
Customers must also pay for Guides gas

Recreational Rebreather Dive

Recreational Rebreather Dives

IDR 700,000
*excludes bail out gas,
softnolime & rebreather rental

CCR Pre-Requisites:
Appropiate qualification - Ask our staff if in doubt

You will be privately guided on any of our dive sites by a dedicated CCR guide away from open circuit divers. This means you will have better interaction with the marine life and a much longer dive to get the most enjoyment out of your CCR. We don’t charge for O2. We have over 20 dive sites to choose from all around the Gili islands.

Equipment rental:
750,000 IDR for JJ-CCR Rental

Dive Guidelines

Dive Guidelines

Outside of training activities, diving will be supervised in water (or from surface where deemed appropriate) by qualified Blue Marlin staff. Diving will take place at sites appropriate for the experience levels and certifications of the individuals involved. All decompression diving activities will be backed up by dedicated boat cover equipped with surface oxygen, additional decompression gases as required, and with mobile phones.

We require that all divers plan their dives to comply with the following guidelines:
  • For any dive deeper than 40 metres, or any dive where decompression gases are used, a dive plan must be completed and approved by relevant Blue Marlin staff.
  • All gas mixes MUST be analysed, correctly labeled for MOD and signed and dated by the user. Fill station log must be signed.
  • Maximum bottom PO2 will be 1.5 ATA or lower.
  • Maximum decompression PO2 will be 1.6 ATA or less.
  • All divers must carry sufficient gas to complete their dives within rule of thirds, or as appropriate for the dive plan.
  • On Trimix dives, maximum END will be 40m/130ft.
  • Divers must be equipped with at least one reel and SMB/ lift bag, with two being strongly encouraged. A whistle and flashlight are highly recommended on all dives.
  • All technical divers must provide proof of insurance upon arrival at Blue Marlin Dive.

Note: Divers must carry back up depth and time information.

Blue Marlin staff will reserve final judgment on suitability and choice of the dive site and help you to plan your dives with the latest diving software.